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Bone Sharp Faunal

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UM 469

Late Archaic/ Late Woodland
Middleboro, MA

A total of 41 fragments of calcined and unburned bone was recovered from the Phase II investigations at the Nemasket Hill Residential Development (UM 469) (Table 1).Twenty-eight of these fragments (68.2%) could not be identified beyond the general identification class of mammal, small mammal, medium mammal, large mammal or turtle. Fragments of deer, snapping turtle, racoon and cattle made up the remaining 31.8% of the assemblage. The species present indicate that the site was likely occupied during the warm weather, after April and before October, and possibly in the fall and winter as well, when deer could continue to be hunted. Comparison with the Riverside sites on the Nemasket River in Lakeville, showed similar occurrences in species.

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